Pâtisserie Délice provides French Pâtisserie baked on premises and delivered to the Bishops Stortford area. Delicious cakes for any occasion.

Made to order: A wide range of dessert cakes (entremets), classic pâtisserie, tartes, macarons, reductions and cakes for special occasions.


cassisier angevin sublime exotique
Classiques paris-brest st honore eclair religieuse
Tartes tarte au chocolat noisettes tarte aux fruits rouges tarte chocolat cafe citrus
Special Occasions buche noire piece montee birthday cassisier buche noel
Macarons & Reductions macarons reductions    

All the images on this site are of our own products made by French Pâtisserie chef Sophie Catchpole.

Feel free to browse our products and then to place an order by telephone or e-mail.

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